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Chordify Play Cue

I often use Chordify to jam to my favorite tunes.

It is powered by a machine learning model that listens to a song and detects the chords used throughout the piece.

It then displays the detected chords on a beat grid and highlights each beat with its primary chord as the song is playing.

You can also choose to display chord diagrams alongside the beat grid if you’re new to an instrument.

The premium version also offers additional features like pitch transposition, capo, MIDI playback, tempo adjustment, and export to MIDI and PDF.

I sometimes use Chordify while recording my performance but some songs begin immediately as soon as I hit play, making it difficult to control the playback while holding an instrument.

That’s why I decided to create a simple JavaScript bookmark that you can install by dragging and dropping this link to your bookmark bar: Chordify Play Cue

It pauses the song if it’s already playing, fast reverses to the beginning, and plays the song with a 3-second delay while giving you a visual cue by changing the song title background to red, yellow, and green.

Here’s the script if you’re curious:

window.play_button = $('#play-button'); window.pause_button = $('#play-button .icon-pause'); window.fast_reverse = play_button.closest('nav').find('button:first'); window.header = $('header').eq(1); // Clear previous timeouts if (window.ready_timeout) { clearTimeout(window.ready_timeout); } if (window.go_timeout) { clearTimeout(window.go_timeout); } // Pause if the song is playing if (window.pause_button.length) {; } // Go to the beginning; // Set the header background to red window.header.css('background-color', 'red'); // Set the header background to yellow in 1.5 seconds window.ready_timeout = setTimeout(function() { window.header.css('background-color', 'yellow'); }, 1500); // Set the header background to green and play the song in 3 seconds window.go_timeout = setTimeout(function() {; window.header.css('background-color', 'green'); }, 3000);
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)
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